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July 7, 2020

The mission of the Scalabrinian Missionary Sisters in Johannesburg, South Africa, narrates its 20 year history of welcoming and caring for refugee women and their children in the book
‘Bienvenu Shelter : 20 years of welcoming, caring and empowering’
Organized by Sr Marivane Chiesa, mscs, Director of Bienvenu Shelter, and in partnership with the CSEM – Scalabrinian Centre of Migratory Studies – the commemorative book encompasses elements of the institutions history, researching results and testimonies of many people who have contributed to the trajectory of the institution.
In the words of His Grace Buti Tlhagale, Archbishop of Johannesburg, ‘the Bienvenu Shelter is an important Shelter as it represents the love of God who gives of Himself, serving and protecting the lives of those in need, people that Jesus Christ chose to represent his love : “I was a stranger and you welcomed me” (Matt, 25,35). The Shelter is a living sign of Gods love in our midst and is an important tool that gives hope to migrant and refugee women and children, helping them to integrate into the host community”. (excerpt from the book presentation).
The book was officially launched, in Portuguese, on 15 March 2022, in a virtual event via the Zoom platform.
The book is being published, simultaneously, in Portuguese and English in digital and printed version.

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